Beagle Is Numero ‘Uno’ at Westminster

2 Beagle Is Numero Uno at WestminsterA beagle named Uno is creating a stir in the dog show world after being named best in show at the Westminster Kennel Club. It’s the first time a beagle has won the title in the history of the competition. (Feb. 13)

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  • azuromishima

    I come from Puerto …
    I come from Puerto Rico when I was 16 years old I buy a blue beagle name is Monchys and now I have 28 years old and I have 4 beagles and monchys looks soo healthy a

  • CelticLady44

    OH, I’ll bet he …
    OH, I’ll bet he loves that pepperoni! We had to use turkey hot dogs because of less fat. My beagle was a rescue dog and he had been fed poorly for 3 years and his digestion wasn’t the greatest. He wasn’t even housebroken when I got him! He was absolutely the trickiest, most fun , loving dog I ever had!

  • touchxOFxpinkxO

    Greasy, stinky …
    Greasy, stinky pepperoni bits are what is working best for us. Are beagle goes nuts in obedience training though. He wants to meet and greet and love on everyone so much he can barely focus on the task at hand. The first night there he threw himself on the ground and started howling because he wasn’t allowed to play with the other dogs. lol It’s like having a two year old sometimes but he’s so adorable you can’t stay mad for long.

  • darkyoda

    Bout th ree from …
    Bout th ree from what I remember.


    what is tha age of …
    what is tha age of “UNO”????

  • ScottInVa1760

    “hardest dogs to …
    “hardest dogs to track mind’s.
    digger’s and eating machines.. ”

    All that and more… and still so darn irresistable!

  • italiansoccerchick10

    I have 2 beagles …
    I have 2 beagles and i love them.they r the best dogs ever and they r so loving.they never run out of energy and they r sooooo cute

  • octgirl62

    i have a beagle …
    i have a beagle bassett (bagle hound) and he’s awesome. uno is adorable.

  • kaleskat

    beagles rock!!!! :)
    beagles rock!!!! :)
    i love uno!!

  • CelticLady44

    Amen to that! But …
    Amen to that! But taking my beagle to obedience training bonded us and it was the best thing we ever did .”Cookies” of turkey hot dogs really did it for the little eating machine!

  • imbored2




  • wircom88

    Beagles RULE!!!!!
    Beagles RULE!!!!!

  • luisonia1218

    beagles are the best
    beagles are the best

  • iluvbeaglesdotcom

    Nice Vid! Good job! …
    Nice Vid! Good job! Did you know there is a new membership site, for Beagle owners and lovers only? Check my Youtube channel for the link.

  • amazingperson1234

    i love beagles that …
    i love beagles that my kinda dog they are realy easy to train! its amazing when we got her she was realy smart but shy she learned sit shake lay other paw and go get the bunny! so yea they are amazing! my dog does bark alot tho

  • mickycee64

    hardest dogs to …
    hardest dogs to track mind’s.
    digger’s and eating machines..

  • tatsandteles

    Uno rocks! I have …
    Uno rocks! I have one now, her name is Ethel. Be prepared if you get one from a hunting family, they are a lot of work but worth it! A tired dog is a happy dog, and they don’t tire easily!!



  • CJoStudios

    Beagles rock!
    I …

    Beagles rock!
    I should know, I own two!

  • baileygirldog

    Beagles rock!!!
    Beagles rock!!!

  • pinkfloyd4me

    Agree. I got my …
    Agree. I got my beagle at the SPCA, he is a wonderful dog, doesn’t bark either (unless he finds an unsuspecting cat in the hedges outside!). He is the sweetest dog too. I love my baby. Please go to a shelter to get a dog, and yes spay or neuter!

  • lamesafreddy20

    I want a beagle for …
    I want a beagle for my birthday.They are my favorite dog in whole world. I hope my Husband finds one for me. I LOVE BEAGLES!!!!!!

  • scweeber

    my beagle is amazing
    my beagle is amazing

  • rousse61

    Glad to hear that …
    Glad to hear that you got your Beagle through a shelter…way too many dogs are being put to sleep, many in a way that is way too inhumane to mention…and once again, spay or neuter!

  • hoosyerdaddie

    I got my beagle …
    I got my beagle through the pound, and she’s the sweetest dog you could imagine, she doesn’t even bark!