How to Stop a Beagle From Howling All Night?

I just adopted a 1 year old beagle from
A rescie shelter. She was abandoned and tied up to a parking meter, so i think she has seperation anxiety. I have another 3.5 year old beagle who i got as a baby and he does not howl at all, but my new one howls very loud and for hours when she is put in her cage at night. Does anyone have any tips/suggestions?

mace it

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  • Gregory

    mace it
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    oogly moogly

  • WittyNameHere

    Dont keep it inside a cage.
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  • Do’h

    Feed it poison
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  • A

    You would howl if someone put you in a cage all night, let the dogs in to your house and they’ll shut up.
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  • Jennifer

    I have no idea, it’s just the dog himself. can’t do anything about it
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  • Daniel Ray

    let her roam around. She’s worried about getting abandoned again because she was trapped and left alone. If you let her roam around at night she’ll start to get more comfortable, just make sure that you’re there while she’s out of the cage. When you leave the house keep her penned in an area that’s easy to clean if she has an accident
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  • ♥ιℓσνє му ριттιєѕ и∂ кιттιєѕ♥

    Sorry I don’t have an answer to your question, but I have to say THANK YOU for trying to get her to stop.

    My old neighbor had a beagle that loved to howl at the wee hours of the morning. The worst alarm. Clock. Ever. :|
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  • The_Dizzie

    Try maybe a larger cage and putting the two beagles together, the older one might comfort the younger one. Or maybe get a large raw hide bone she only can have in the kennel so when you put her in there she’ll see it as more of a reward and quiet down.

    If both of these fail you may want to look into dog behavior classes where a trainer can teach you how to train and respond to your dog to get the best response.
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  • FidosCityGuide

    Get a squirt bottle and when it howls squirt it. You can also try covering the crate with a blanket.
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  • ladystang

    needs training and exercise
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  • Ian M

    An ounce of lead in it’s left ear, applied with a 12 gauge shotgun should solve your problem. Does your neighbours a favour as well.
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  • Jeison

    go in the cage with her and take a really big cucumber and put it up her ass as fast and hard as you can,,then she would howl all the howls she would of ever got to howl out..hope it works..ohh and when finished throw some mayo or whip cream on her face and let her lick it off….you can try both and use the one that works.. i tried this stuff with my worked…i was so happy
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  • яσттιƒιє∂- R.I.P Uncle Robert we love you

    Sounds like she isn’t tired when you put her to bed. Give them both plenty of exercise before bed.

    Exercise with both together, she is joining you two. That will help bond ya’ll together.
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  • Sam

    put a blanket over her …cover her eyes, but not her mouth… sit with her and talk to her…i wouldn’t keep her in a cage either unless you have to
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  • luis

    actully i have the anwser to it i think u can give him poisin and 100% garantid he wont make any noise every again or ur moneey back haha
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  • ♥Harriet ♀ϟღღ♥

    Aaww i can well understand your suffering . Well as you said , the dog is new to your environment ,so there’s no doubt it is uncomfortable at your place . also as you said that this dog is suffering from anxiety and separation she needs a lot of attention and love . Make her feel comfortable with you , give her as much affection as you can , make sure she’s not left alone at home.
    You can even arrange a small wooden box for her in your room so as to make her sleep at night so that she could feel secure and cozy.

    Take her out for walks (usually not accompanied by your other dog because that may make her feel left out in his presence )
    Play some fun games with her … give her good food
    Get her checked by the VET. so as to diagnose any health problem she’s suffering from which is making her feel restless and howl .

    One thing of all , just LOVE her , don’t make her feel left out and make her feel secure at your place , she needs lots of love and enjoyment to overcome the separation anxiety
    good luck !.
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  • Mica

    Lol Beagles. They sure love using their voices. I tried squirt bottles filled with water and lemon juice, interactive chew toys, and finally a bark collar. The bark collar is pure Beagle magic, and if I put it on, she instantly stops howling. For Beagles, this is probably the most effective and humane way to get them to stop singing for a bit. It’s a worthy investment. Good luck!

    P.S. Lol Harriet. It’s not a health problem, Beagles just love using their voices, and using it often. Different Beagles howl more or less depending on the individual dogs.

    Training, competing, and having lots of fun with my Beagle in dog Agility for 5 years now.
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